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Halloween & Haunted House Props

The Floating Banshee Ghost

Introducing the Banshee Matilda...


The Banshee Floating Ghost Halloween Prop

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Our specialty… The Floating Banshee Ghost!!!!!

     She’s a real gem, with an arm span of approximately 50” and an over all height of approximately 60” this is a life size prop. Her jointed armature provides life-like posing and movement. She is made of sheer fabric treated to glow an eerie blue when exposed to ultraviolet light. (A fluorescent black light bulb will do the trick.) The sheer fabric adds a transparent effect… after all what kind of ghost would you have if you couldn’t see through her! She comes with a choice of light up and eye color: Swamp Green, Demonic Red or Spooky Blue. If you have a theme you are looking to complement, we can do custom colors upon request for a small up charge. Email us for details.

      A 9-volt battery powers the eyes. The wiring has been circuited to prevent burn out and assure a long lasting prop. These eyes will last a long time and will last for many hours on one 9-volt battery. This is a great prop with lost of impact! She will last for years provided that she is well cared for. Hang her in your garden by way of your garden arch, or hang her from a tree out in your cemetery! Any way you’ll not be disappointed…nor will your trick-or-treaters or patrons! Add some fog a fan and sound effects and WOW you'll blow them away with the best presentation on the block!!!! Maybe even the whole neighborhood! She’s always the hit of my personal backyard haunt!

     This is NOT a motorized prop, however she will work beautifully if you have a crank to suspend her from. She is ultra lightweight and compacts beautifully for easy shipping and storage. Please be on the look out for our other characters coming soon. We carry a Vampire Ghost as well as a Witch and are constantly working to bring you more original options. Stay Tuned!!!!!!


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 She even looks good with out the eyes turned on!!!

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Sorry about the quality of this picture… I am working on a better one!!!

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